Dental practices

Dentists should consider trying out the new hand held dental x-ray machine as soon as possible (strandgatentannklinikk). They should do so for many reasons such as- they are less cumbersome, easier to use, efficient, and traditionally cheaper than a stationary analog dental x-ray machine.

As this hand held dental xray device weighs very little, it makes for easy carrying anywhere, in or outside of the dentist’s office. The Xray2Go hand held dental xray device’s cordless feature makes it easier for dentists to move around the office while working on several patients at any given time ( This feature has simply increased the speed that dentists would use when working on patients.

It has also made it more convenient for dentists to perform dental x-rays while increasing efficiency, saving time, and saving money. Investing in hand held dental xray equipment is a smart investment for dentists as one dental xray system performs the work of several traditional x-ray systems. As a result, the hand held xray device has proved to be very economical for dentistry practices, veterinarians, and mobile doctors alike.

This new hand held dental x-ray machine, XRay2Go, has been approved by the FDA making it perfect for dental services. It can be used on children and patients with special needs ( Gone are the days when kids, and some adults, would run at the sight of scary looking dental xray equipment. Xray2GO has a friendly look that welcomes the fearful, and the not so fearful, to get a safe and rapid dental x-ray in a matter of minutes.

The device is also compatible with film, PSP plates, and digital dental sensors. Due to its portable feature, the handheld dental xray device can be used at various locations. Some of these locations can be clinics, hospitals, home use, nursing homes.

Generally, the portable xray system can be used anywhere out of the dentist’s office as well.

Besides its portability, efficiency, convenience, and ability to take high quality images, these types of portable hand held dental xray devices offer other features that should be considered when thinking about purchasing hand held dental xray system.

Dental practices